Spira Counseling

A place of healing and growth for the many unexpected turns in life. Whether you are seeking subtle change, radical new direction, or support just where you are, we are here to aid your journey.

"There is a certain slant of light...when it comes the landscape listens...shadows hold their breath"

-Emily Dickenson

Telemental Health

Telemental health services are mental health services provided via HIPAA compliant teleconferencing platforms. You will video conference in for your sessions using a provided link. Spira Counseling is an online counseling agency that provides mental health services from the convenience of your home or office. to read more about Telemental Health Services please refer to the Telemental Health link.

Art Therapy

You don't have to be an artist to participate in art therapy. Art therapy is a way to express emotions, dreams, memories, and perceptions in ways that are sometimes beyond words.

Because Spira Counseling offers online Telemental health, art therapy is conducted via video conferencing. If you are interested in participating in art therapy you will be given a list of supplies that will be useful in our work.

To learn more about art therapy visit:  The American Art Therapy Association or The Evergreen Art Therapy Association's FAQ